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The quick roundup: technology journalist, one-time IT strategy consultant, SF reader (and occasional writer), traveller, book and art collector. Oh, and geek.

Born on the Channel Island of Jersey, I now live in South West London, with Mary, two cats and various robotic assistants.

Freelance Writings

I write features and news for magazines, web sites and newspapers. You can read many of my recent articles here.

You’ll have seen my words in a wide variety of places, including CITEworld, Information Age, Computer Weekly,, ZDNet, The Register, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Times, Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide, ZDNet UK, IT Expert, Web Designer, Grey Matter’s Hardcopy, The Official Windows XP Magazine, Cloud Pro, IT Pro, PC Plus, PC Format, PC Advisor, PCW, PC Answers, Web Developer, Server Management, Hardcopy, Gemalto Review, Computer Arts, Application Development Advisor, Amazon, AOL, Compuserve, Bluetooth World, Computing, The H, IT Week, Know Your Mobile, Business Link, PC Magazine, PCW, T3, TechRadar, SFX, Practical Web Pages, Internet Works, PC Network Advisor, PC Support Advisor, Recombu, Know Your Mobile, Now Your Cell, The BlackBerry Bookazine, Pocket-Lint, .Net, and Network News.

Mary and I blog at ZDNet, where in 500 Words Into The Future we regularly talk about all aspects of IT, and update at least twice a week. We’re also now writing CITEworld’s BYODev column.

Previously we blogged for IT Pro, where you’ll find an archive of our older columns.

Mary and I have also written two Windows 8 books together; a Windows 8 guide for IT decision makers called Windows 8 Executive Summary: What Your Business Needs to Know from FairTrade DX which you can read more about here and a consumer guide, How To Do Everything in Windows 8, forthcoming from McGraw Hill. 

Commissions always welcome. Email for commercial rates for white papers and commercial articles.

Online Presences From The Same Keyboard

I’ve been running a personal blog using Livejournal for some years now, and it’s where I post pictures, and other writings that can’t be readily categorised.

Of course I also have a Flickr photostream…

If you want to find out what I’m reading, I have a LibraryThing account. You can see my catalogue here.

Google will probably find other sites and blogs, but they’re mainly test sites for magazine articles I’ll have been working on.

If you use Twitter, then you’ll find me there as @sbisson.

I’m also to be found on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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